By Awakening the Divine Within, our Life’s Vision and Purpose are Clearer

Many times, as we experience the struggles of everyday life on this plane, we wonder what life’s lesson is for us within this specific framework or pattern of our existence. Is there a lesson in my struggles, or are my circumstances some cruel or unrelenting act? The sadness that we often feel as a result of this quandary can certainly force us to come to terms with its significance in our lives. I believe it is during these times that we confront our darkness and demons that we come to terms with life lessons that may block our sense of self-realization. As we seek to re-emerge from the abyss of not-knowing to the oasis of soul-purpose actualization, our journey and place within the world become clearer and the path towards self and planetary transformation are much more tangible. The Spiritual realm seems to put these obstacles in our path to help us grow and learn, painful as it may seem.

Many people struggle with the concept of this world being an error of perception and delusion, since this plane, as we know it, seems solid and real. Yes, I know who I am within this plane and I act accordingly. Gravity keeps me planted on the earth and the stars and planets and sun are where they should be. All is how it is meant to be, right? However real it may seem, it is an illusion. It is not real. And trust me that your experience of reality, though you may believe it is “solid” is actually quite fluid. Our perceptions of reality constantly change, nothing is ever the same. It is never the same as time passes, because it is not real. It never has been. We have partaken in a grand illusion and error in perception. We think we are separate, yet we are not. We are in communion with all that has ever been and shall be, yet we are caught in the erroneous belief that we are separate.

I first balked at this concept more than thirty years ago when it was first introduced to me in reading “A Course in Miracles”. “What, an illusion? Never! That doesn’t make sense.” And since the course’s main ideology seemed to escape me, I resisted it. It must be nonsense, I thought. Surely, billions of people would not undertake such a grand delusion and purposely create a realm of strife and limitation!

Yet, as time has passed, I have slowly embraced this fundamental concept of the Course and I understand it more fully. Why did we create a world of disease, death and destruction? The course answers rather tellingly that these evils are man-made, not of God, and then it takes the concept even further by stating since it is not of God, it doesn’t exist. Wow! When I think in this manner, I am much more profoundly aware of the limitations in this realm and I more ardently understand that my life’s purpose is centered on breaking this illusion of limitation and strife. God wants us to achieve greatness by rejecting fear, delusion, hatred, and separateness and fully embracing the opposite, which is Love. “Nothing else exists.”

This is a profoundly alternate view of examining our lives within the context of this realm and the overwhelming disparity, it seems, of trying to balance and integrate the divine with the physical. We undertake enormous challenges as we live within the physical realm with an openness to our Spiritual divinity – fully aware that as we grasp and understand our soul’s unlimited potential, we can shed old ideas that were far too limiting and self-constraining. When we are in alignment with our soul-purpose, life flows in an amazingly symphonic concert without struggle or limitation. We bring our unique gifts and contribute to the world, just as God has always intended once we have awakened to our calling and path.

So, when we are “stuck”, or we do not seem to manifest what we longingly wish to see in our lives, we must view our dreams and goals within an entirely different perspective. If we grasp the idea that we are spiritual beings living in the physical world – then we are much better able to comprehend the vastness of our potential. Yet, if we focus on limitation, it will return to us in the form of scarcity, struggle, hatred, deception, sadness and a sense of not fulfilling our destiny. If, however, we focus on the enormous potential we have within us through an alignment with Spirit, then it is possible to co-create the life we so ardently desire. As we awaken to our spiritual side, our purpose becomes much clearer, and we can shape our value system, beliefs and actions on a miraculous path to bring our unique vision to actualization.