Infinite Potential, Attracting Abundance, and Manifestation

Today, I am writing about one of the most central themes in my life as well as in the lives of many other soul-searchers seeking fulfillment and self-actualization. How do I attract abundance in a world that seems to indicate scarcity and competition rather than infinite potential and abundance?  We learn and  experience at a very early age that resources are scarce; we must fight for every single morsel available to us.  We learn that life is a struggle. Many times individuals work diligently, yet they find it difficult to get ahead and to achieve their dreams. It is very frustrating that this cycle of attracting abundance but then returning to a state of scarcity occurs repeatedly.  I truly believe that when there are recurring patterns in our lives, within the fabric of these interwoven tapestries exists many pertinent clues to the work we are meant to undertake in order to self-actualize. In this process, we come to terms with the most pressing concerns leading to our soul’s development. After all, we are here to consciously co-create; in fact, every minute, every breath, we are becoming more and more conscious of the divinity and unlimited potential within us.

The Fear of Not Attracting Money in Our Lives

For many of us, our fears come into play when we think about attaining money, attracting abundance, and achieving a sense of fulfillment.  After all, everyone wants to have the admiration and respect of their families, friends, peers and colleagues.  Yet, many times, a recurring pattern of scarcity consciousness gets in the way. We cannot seem to earn exactly the amount of money we want, buy that perfect house, have enough money in the bank, have the “right” friends, experiences and so on. All of this is based on a mindset of fear and scarcity rather than on prosperity.  So, it is entirely uplifting and somewhat of a revelation when we actually reverse thought patterns of insufficiency and attune our core beliefs into a pattern of plenitude. If we think and operate not from fear but from a positive mindset, we realize  that there is actually enough for everyone if we co-create with one another harmoniously.  Now, in everyday life, it is very easy for our ego to get in the way. Our society thrives on competition, and there is certainly nothing wrong with healthy, vibrant competition to drive us to succeed and to help us visualize our goals.  The problem occurs when, in acting out of balance, we disregard basic values in the quest to out-perform others in order to achieve recognition.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with recognition and achievement, but if we get to a place of achievement at the expense of others, then we are not acting in alignment with a soul-based awareness.  Instead, we are acting out of our own selfish, ego-based desires.  When we place too much importance on attaining monetary gain by acting recklessly towards others, we actually create scarcity within our souls and lives rather than abundance. In the process, sooner or later, we will reach a crucial moment in our evolutionary state of being where we look in the mirror to ask “What have I become? Who am I? Where am I headed?  Am I on the right path?  Have I acted with the most compassion, love, selflessness and forgiveness?  And do I truly believe that I can attract what I want in my life?”

The Many Forms of Abundance and Prosperity

The truth of the matter is that there are many forms of abundance:  abundance of the spirit, health, mind and in sharing our unique gifts to the world.  If we consistently focus on monetary wealth at the expense of our physical and mental health, then we are acting out of balance and will return to a state of scarcity consciousness without even being aware of the process.   We have the infinite power to create the lives that we want by consistently honoring the infinite potential within each and every one of us.  Prosperity appears in our lives in so many different ways – many times, it is not exactly apparent, or perhaps we do not value the form in which it appears.  For example, can I take the time to truly see what is happening around me?  How do I react?  Am I so consumed by the idea of “getting ahead” that I trample upon the lives and hearts of others? If I react with bitterness, hatred, a lack of compassion, then certainly the same negativity will be reflected back to me since we are all mirrors to one another,  and I will feel and experience the same amount of hatred that I have sent out to my immediate environment and the universe.  If, instead, I choose to act with compassion, love, forgiveness and understanding, then all of these attributes will reflect back to me.  Herein lies the power of the Law of Attraction.

The Visionary Perspective of Abundance vs. Soul-Impoverished Imbalance

So, one might ask – how do I continually attract abundance in my life?  After all, there’s only so much that can go around, right?  And since there are scarce resources, shouldn’t I keep my knowledge of resources to myself, and align with only the few people I trust, and then to heck with the rest?  And, in fact, the person right next to me, who I really don’t care for anyway, why don’t I just do whatever I can to make that person’s life miserable so that they give up, and then I can receive what could have been theirs.  I will tell you, with many years of experience that I have had in the corporate arena, this is the most typical mindset.  And it is a dangerous one.  It does not promote cooperation or collaboration.  It promotes unhealthy competition.  And it produces fear and mistrust instead of harmony.  It is toxic.  Individuals do not trust one another so they seek to out-perform each other in order to earn recognition and respect. When individuals act out of balance in a corporation by thwarting the lives of others in order to achieve their own personal gain, they may achieve monetary wealth but their souls are impoverished.  This kind of behavior creates an atmosphere of scarcity, mistrust and deception.  It does not further anyone’s soul-based development nor does it help the overall organization to become visionary.  When a business has employees that are healthy, well-balanced in all areas of their lives, then they produce much more efficiently.  The business thrives and grows because their employees are able to utilize their soul-based gifts to their ultimate potential.  When leaders develop their employees, then the entire organization benefits from increased productivity, since their employees can concentrate on creating the very best products and services, gaining new clients, increasing customer satisfaction, and realizing improved profits.  A visionary business develops employees by allowing them to utilize their unique gifts in order to advance the company’s goals.  In every move that we make within our work and personal environments we should ask ourselves the question,  what is best for the good of all concerned?  When we operate from this perspective, we no longer operate from the field of scarcity but from the visionary perspective of abundance.

An Unwavering Belief System in Authentic Power Provides the Ability to Persevere During the Harshest of Circumstances

I have noticed that when I meditate and focus on sincere gratitude, notwithstanding my own personal financial situation, then I feel a sense of abundance that is incredibly empowering.  My task is to continually believe in the authentic power of abundance consciousness, not to be afraid of success, not to be afraid of attracting the very things that I want so deeply. For when we accept that we are authentically powerful spiritual beings experiencing this life of seemingly persistent limitations, then we can truly understand and grasp the lessons that we are meant to learn in attempting to overcome these obstacles. I might ask myself, why do I continually return to that scarcity thought process when I know that the universe is plentiful?  I don’t have the firm answers yet.  I am still seeking and searching, very much hopeful that I will find the answers.  The answers are in my heart. I know, with the deepest of assurance, that I have the infinite ability to arrive at them as long as I act with soul-based awareness and harmony.  I must listen to my intuition in order to come to terms with why that perception of scarcity is there.  What lessons do I learn about myself when I experience that gut-wrenching feeling of emptiness?  How do I respond to that deepest, darkest experience of  spiritual hunger and thirst?  It is during this painful experience that I must realize that scarcity is an illusion, even when the physical world of experience seems to undoubtedly mirror that same scarcity. During these moments of self-reflection, I become aware of who I am, where my life leads next on this vast journey, and I am once again aware of the circumstances from which I will undoubtedly persevere and conquer in order to reach self-fulfillment, actualization, and soul-purpose. I must consistently listen to my higher guidance and inner voice to fully understand that any currently perceived setbacks are only temporary, and I, indeed, will persevere even under the harshest of circumstances.  I must realize that these hindrances are being manifested from an unconscious/subconscious state of being, and that becoming more aware of these emotional blocks are the key to overcoming the continual manifestation of events or circumstances that are not in alignment with my soul-purpose.

Healing our Mind, Body and Spirit from Self-Imposed Constraints 

Obstacles are only temporary manifestations of blocks that can be removed by carefully tuning in to the infinite power within us that is our birthright – but only if we claim this boundless energy and utilize it for our higher good and the good of those concerned.  When we realize that we possess this infinite potential, then we are free from self-imposed mental constraints and our desires seem to be fulfilled in a spontaneous manner.  When our dreams begin to manifest, it is an enlightening, inspiring and wondrous experience. We all have the ability to lead inspiring lives that send out our innermost light which is actually the energy of the universe pouring through our physical selves and into our immediate environment and then throughout the world. It is so very apparent when we are in the presence of someone with authenticity. Perhaps it is a trusted spiritual adviser or a visionary business leader. We are inspired by their actions and words and we feel the power of their authentic energy. Their energy actually increases the positive mindset of individuals within their immediate environment because their inner authenticity is so powerful. We become inspired by their lessons, wisdom and the outpouring of positive energy they possess and it inspires us to mirror that same positive mindset.  Therefore, by elevating the energetic field of pure potentiality within our immediate environment, we actually raise the vibrational frequency within our own lives, friendships, relationships and communities and this positive energy has the effect of permeating through the rest of the world to like-minded individuals.  We change the world by changing ourselves.

Reclaiming our Faith Helps us to Reach our Fullest Potential

In order to effect change within our daily lives, we must begin with ourselves. Transitioning from a state of scarcity to prosperity begins with the empowerment of our own lives by integrating the disowned aspects of our selves and emerging from this integration as a complete human being, more fully enlightened and in touch with our Higher Selves, unwavering in our belief that we will overcome even the most daunting of circumstances.  When we have integrated the disowned selves, healing all the negative energy that has caused blocks within our lives, then we heal the disenfranchised aspects of ourselves that we have buried within our subconscious in order to dissociate from the pain of traumatic experiences.  Healing these disowned aspects of ourselves is the most difficult work to undertake, but it is an extremely enlightening process since we are able to come to terms with the core issues in our lives that are preventing us from a sense of completeness and peacefulness. Forgiveness is a major component of healing the energy blocks within our subconscious belief system. When we are no longer bogged down emotionally from fragments of the past, then we can achieve a current state of peacefulness and enlightenment. Then we are finally willing and able to accept the gifts of the universe because we become fully aware of the plenitude that exists within our lives.  We are no longer soul-impoverished but filled with Light and positive energy because we have healed from the issues, circumstances and hindrances that have kept us from achieving our Higher Selves. In the process of striving to reach our fullest potential, we reclaim our faith in the Universe – firmly believing that with love, patience, compassion and understanding we are in alignment with our soul-based purpose in this lifetime. When we act in accordance with these universal principles, we become fully aware of the infinite joy and inspiration that are completely within reach during our life’s journey, where we not only strive to integrate aspects of our inner divisions but also our physical-spiritual selves. Our journey on this plane is to remember who we once were at the very beginning of our existence, before we were physical beings in this world of limitation. We were joyful, abundant, spiritual creations who were fully in touch with our unlimited potential. Our soul-based path leads us to remember who we once were so we can return to that divine place once again when we awaken from this illusory world. That dynamic shift in awareness, when it occurs, will transform our thinking so that we  will remember light instead of darkness, love instead of fear, and joyful abundance instead of illusive limitation.

We are a Mirror to Each Other

I wholeheartedly believe that consistently practicing meditation on attracting  and maintaining abundance as our natural state will help us manifest the life of our dreams. If you wish to experience something wonderful in your life, put the patterns and resources in place to allow others to receive that very same thing.  You will find that it reflects back to you, and you will experience that same wealth consciousness and abundance many times over.

Everyone can Achieve their Innermost Desires and Dreams

May everyone achieve their dreams through consciously attuning to a natural state of wealth-consciousness and abundance!


Author: mjlovell1

Hello everyone and thank you for following "Thoughts on the Universe, Personal Development, and Current Topics." My intention in creating this blog is to develop and explore further concepts relating to Spirituality, Psychology, Personal Development, Politics and Current Topics. I consider myself a Spiritual-Seeker, and I am very interested in exploring my own thoughts and belief systems by learning from others and continuing my quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. I am particularly interested in Manifestation, Intention, The Psychology of Selves, Ego/Spirit Differentiation, Mind/Body/Spirit Healing and Balance, Human Relationships, God/Spirit/Universe/Human Oneness, Spiritual Consciousness, Human Potential, Attracting Abundance and Prosperity, Healing Emotional Blocks, Meditation, Soul vs. Ego-Based Awareness, Self-Actualization, and Co-Creation with God and the Universe. I am very interested in how we can learn from each other as we work towards a more loving universe. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas on these topics as well as the numerous earthly challenges we all face while trying our best to live in accordance with divine, spiritual laws of the universe.

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