My New Blog!

My first post

So, this is my new blog!  I hope to write on topical interests, particularly on Spirituality and Personal Development.  I hope that this blog will allow me to get better in touch with my own thoughts and beliefs and to share these with my friends and followers.  Now, if I can just figure out how to use this site!  I’m sure I will learn as I go!  I’m looking forward to this adventure…maybe it will lead to something bigger, like a book?  Who knows?!  I suppose that if I am going to write a book, which I have always said that I would, I had better get going.  I should listen to my intuition, my inner voice, shouldn’t I?  I think this journey will lead to several paths, so join me as I tackle this exciting endeavor!


Author: mjlovell1

Hello everyone and thank you for following "Thoughts on the Universe, Personal Development, and Current Topics." My intention in creating this blog is to develop and explore further concepts relating to Spirituality, Psychology, Personal Development, Politics and Current Topics. I consider myself a Spiritual-Seeker, and I am very interested in exploring my own thoughts and belief systems by learning from others and continuing my quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. I am particularly interested in Manifestation, Intention, The Psychology of Selves, Ego/Spirit Differentiation, Mind/Body/Spirit Healing and Balance, Human Relationships, God/Spirit/Universe/Human Oneness, Spiritual Consciousness, Human Potential, Attracting Abundance and Prosperity, Healing Emotional Blocks, Meditation, Soul vs. Ego-Based Awareness, Self-Actualization, and Co-Creation with God and the Universe. I am very interested in discussing how we can raise the vibrational frequency within our immediate environments as a path to both Personal and Planetary Transformation. I hope you will join me on this path and I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas on these topics as well as the numerous challenges we all face while trying to integrate our physical, divided selves with the pure essence of Spiritual Oneness.

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